Yet Another Mapping

I keep having issues with my CI maps. I’ve had issues on and off since January. Things just aren’t as clear as they could be. Sometimes I don’t hear things I know I should be able to hear even though I’m listening for it. Sometimes it sounds like there are “gaps” when I’m listening to people talking or listening to music.

I did have a mapping last week which finally got rid of the neck stimulation. Whew!
I’m going in for another mapping later today and am really hoping it will help with the clarity. Then I’m going to give aural rehab a shot. My CI center has decided to try a volunteer program where volunteers work with people who want to improve their “listening” skills.
I’m curious about how this will go. Insurance usually does not cover aural rehab (which is ridiculous) after getting a CI so it’ll be great to finally get the opportunity to work on my “listening” skills with someone in person instead of just on a computer.

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