Half Marathon


Last year I set a goal for myself to run a 5K. The goal wasn’t to compete in a 5K run but to see if I could complete a 5K run myself.
After following the couch to 5K plan, I was able to run a 5K after 6 weeks of training. Since then I haven’t been running as much. After a couple of months without running, I decided I wanted to start again and work up to a 5K. It’s not something I can jump right into.
I figure it’s a good excuse to get outside and get some fresh air. I also noticed that even though I constantly struggle with my asthma while running, running 5Ks did seem to improve my endurance. I found it easier to go up/down steps and to do other workouts.
About the time I decided to get back into running again, I got something in the mail about upcoming 5K, half marathon, and marathon races in the area in October. I toyed around with the idea of running the half marathon.
I’m not going to lie, the idea scares me. I just hate the idea of the possibility that I might not be able to do this and I don’t want to fail. I’m afraid of failing.
I decided last week it was silly to not at least try something I want to try just because I’m afraid of failing. It will be tough to do this by myself. I don’t really have any runner buddies. I’ve been trying to get friends to join me even if it’s just walking. I’ve been trying to get people interested in just running the 5K. It will take a lot of self motivation on my part. I do have friends who will support me with positive words but sometimes it’s nice to have people who will drag me out of bed and run with me. 😉
I plan on participating in this race even if I don’t reach my half marathon goal. I will either do a combo of walk/run the half marathon or race in the 5K race.
I figure I have about 5-6 months to train for this so I’m going to go at my own pace for about a month or two, then switch to a more serious training program. I checked out a couple of half-marathon training programs and they all suggested to start with 4 miles. I can’t even run 2 miles without stopping. 😉 Today was day #6 of “training” and I ran 1.25 miles. So yeah, I have a long way to go.
I honestly have no idea how in the world I’m going to achieve this goal. I’m more of a sprinter and have always struggled with finding the endurance for long distance runs…it has always been my weakness while playing sports.
If I do accomplish my goal of running a half marathon….then I can accomplish anything that I set my mind to me.
Or am I just bonkers? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Half Marathon

  1. I'll be posting my half marathon (my 3rd to date) experience tomorrow. the best part about running is — it's not really about failing. Because it's all about you and you pushing yourself to your limit. whether it's FAST, or whether it's slow and steady. I'm most definitely a endurance runner versus a sprinter (i've always been slow in terms of a sprinter, but i can push myself in long distances and be steady). I literally decided last january that i'd do a half marathon as my first race – i'd never done any other race before! i did it in 3 months training….so really anything you put your mind to, you can do it.

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