100 Days of Aural Rehab-Days 12-15

I forgot to take a weekly test yesterday even though I did do some aural rehab so I took it today.

Again, this is out of a closed set group of words.

Day 1:  60% (background noise:  rain)

Day 7:  48% (background noise:  girls moving into the dorms)

Day 8:  68% (background noise:  none)

Day 15:  62% (background noise:  A few random noisy kids every once in a while)

Basically, I’m struggling with being able to tell the difference between sounds like “t” and “d,” “p” and “b,” “c” and “k,” etc.  So if anyone wants to explain to me what exactly I should be listening for, that would be great!  🙂

There are 10 levels that the test covers and that you can practice your listening skills with using closed-set lists of words.

Level 1:  Suprasegments

Level 2:  Different syllable numbers

Level 3:  Different constants/vowels

Level 4:  Same first constant, different vowel

Level 5:  Inital manner

Level 6:  Final manner

Level 7:  Final voicing

Level 8:  Initial voicing

Level 9:  Initial place

Level 10:  Final place

I do pretty well (both on the test and practice) until about level 7 then it’s all straight downhill from there.  So I need to work on Levels 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Examples for Levels 7-10:

LEVEL 7:  lid, lit, wrote, road

LEVEL 8:  bony, pony, bill, pill

LEVEL 9:  noon, moon, kneel, meal

LEVEL 10:  bike, bite, rat, rack

If you notice, it’s almost like there are two groups of similar words in each set of 4 words.  For the most part I get the right “group.”  For example with the Level 8 words (bony, pony, bill, pill), if the spoken word is “bill” I would easily be able to tell you that it’s NOT “pony” or “bony” for sure and that it’s either “bill” or “pill” but then after that it’s kind of wild guessing…..so this program really does force a person to really listen to every little sound a word makes.

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