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Annoyed that Safaricom appears to no longer offer weekly or monthly unlimited prepay bundles….guess it’s back to counting those MBs once again….

It may have been many years since I have lived in Joplin but I spent the majority of my childhood living in Joplin. Out of all the places I have lived, I lived in Joplin for the longest period of time (7 years). Today at 6:40 am CST (2:40pm Kenyan time) is theJoplin Memorial Run in honor of 161 individuals who lost their lives and those who have helped Joplin recover from the May 22nd, 2011 tornado. Even though I’m kind of 8,500 miles away I registered anyways and will be running my own 5K at 2:40pm Kenyan time. I came very close to losing some dear friends that day and their determination to get back on their feet in such a short period of time has been nothing but beyond amazing even though I know the road hasn’t been easy.

Tout to town: “Pay up.”
Me: “How much?”
Tout to town: “150…oh wait…can you pay me 200?”
Me: “Here’s 150”
Tout to town: *thumbs up*
Me: “How much is this [not quite sure what kind of fruit/veggie I was pointing to but was feeling adventurous]?”
Vendor: “100”
Me: “Naw”
Vendor/Me: “80….*shake my head no* 70….*shake my head no* 60….*shake my head no and say that I just want to pay for my apples* 50!!”
Tout to village: “Pay up, 200”
Me: “Here’s 150”
Tout to village: “Oh okay, thanks! *thumbs up*”
Ugh, I hate bargaining…..so complicated when you don’t know how much things “should” cost.

*Giving stickers out to Class 4 for following rules*
Class 4 boy: *Looks at a Lisa Frank unicorn sticker* “Wow, that horse has wings”
Class 4 boy: *Looks a me hopefully* “Are there horses with wings in America?!?”

Congratulations to my cousin on graduating from high school! I guess now that none of us cousins are in high school that means we’re all officially old?!

Always having to shake strangers’ hands, people holding their hands out for money, and difficulty lipreading Kenyan accent means that sometimes I end up shaking people’s hands when they’re really asking for money…..then they get all irritated that I just gave them my hand and not money….sometimes it’s embarrassing but other times it’s amusing…

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