When I first got my CI a couple of years ago I was surprised at how noisy flip-flops were.

The first few times I wore flip-flops while shopping I kept turning around trying to figure out what the sound was.  I would walk down an aisle and hear this weird sound then I would stop to try to figure out the source of the sound only to discover the sound stopped.  Imagine me walking down an aisle and stopping a few times to try to concentrate on where the sound was coming from only to realize the sound had stopped….yeah…. it took a while before I made the connection that the sound was coming from me walking.

A couple of months ago it finally became warm enough to wear flip-flops outside so I excitedly put a pair of flip-flops on before heading to a store.  I had forgotten how loud those things were and wasn’t used to summer sounds just yet (it takes me about a week to get used to seasonal sounds–raindrops, walking in snow, boots, coats rustling,  etc).

Anyways, I got out of the car and stepped into gum.  I couldn’t get all the gum off of my right flip-flop. I walked into the store and I kept hearing something odd.

I kept thinking it was my flip-flops but something didn’t quite add up right.

Once I realized what it was I got so tickled that I laughed out loud.  Yes, I stood in the middle of Target….by myself….and laughed out loud.  I got a couple of stares….whoops.

What I was hearing was my left flip-flop making the usual flip-flop sound and my right flip-flop was sticking to the floor and making an odd sound whenever it came unstuck as I was walking.

I’m still not sure why I found that hilarious but I did.

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