Scuba Diving

Dennis and I are working towards our PADI scuba diving certifications.

We completed our online course (took about 15-20 hours) over the weekend and passed the exam.  Dennis aced the exam while I missed a few questions even though I knew the answers.  I made the mistake of taking the exam at 4:30 am half-asleep.  On the bright side at least I know I know my stuff when I’m not fully alert and most of the information comes in handy when you’re in an emergency situation or when you’re not alert underwater.

Am so glad I did the online course and not the classroom course.  The narration was all transcribed!

Next step towards getting our certification will probably be the most challenging step for me.  5 confined pool dives where we have to master several skills.  Quite a few of those skills have to do with knowing what to do when you lose air underwater.

*Gulps* Will need to remind myself to reassure myself and not panic!!! Yeah, am a bit nervous and scared even though I’m excited about getting to explore a new world!


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