Oh! So That’s How They Knew!

I wrote a couple of blog posts several months ago about how as a kid I never quite understood how adults knew when I was doing something wrong if I was in another room. I always thought if I couldn’t feel vibrations and if I couldn’t see it then it didn’t make a noise. For example it took me many years to fully comprehend that people can hear someone making noises in a room down the hall.

I never really quite understood why I would get caught opening a bag of candy in the backseat in the car. I knew why because it had been explained to me that when a person opens a bag it makes noise…but I didn’t really understand it because I hadn’t experienced it myself…so I would always forget.

I’m so used to finding myself looking like a deer caught in the headlight when I try to sneak food or something that I found it amusing when I caught someone! It was one of those…ohhhhhhh….so that’s how they know moments!!!! (“they”=hearing people)

So, I went camping with a group of friends this past weekend. We got to the campground and got everything set up. Then a friend, C, wanted some beer so I decided to tag along with him and another friend, D. I don’t like staying in the same spot when I’m in a new place. I like to get out and explore.

C got his 6 pack of beer bottles and we got back into D’s car. C asked if it was okay if he opened a beer bottle in the backseat while we headed back to the campground. D wasn’t comfortable with having a open container in his car so C respected that. We then drove back and as we turned into the campground area I heard C opening a beer bottle in the backseat and I turned around…and aha! I got one of those *deer caught in the headlight* looks. 😉

It was just one of those moments where I found myself reacting as a “hearing person.” It’s kind of odd to find myself reacting and responding to situations in different ways using different senses. It’s not good or bad….just different.

1 thought on “Oh! So That’s How They Knew!

  1. bah ha ha ha ha! Too cute! ….and that reminds me how I love always hearing my husband come in the front door now…. He never catches me off guard no matter where I'm at…. I used to think it was possible to sneak in the front door and only knew if he was home if my son started squealing that his daddy was home!

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