3 thoughts on “Labels

  1. I don't know about labels, but I had in interesting conversation with an interpreter a few weeks ago. She often interprets for CI appointments at Johns Hopkins, and she noticed that many Deaf teens and adults do not want their friends to know they have a CI, because they want to avoid the nasty comments and social rejection that too often happen. This interpreter commented that many Deaf people are more oppressed by other d/Deaf people than by hearing people.I wonder if she is right about that. It has been on my mind since our conversation.

  2. Annie, funny you should bring that up. I went to a Deafhood Foundation meeting last night, Keli was there too – and one of the things they really emphasized was "stop Deaf against Deaf!"However, the sad thing was they were quite hypocritical – attacking or at least putting down those with CIs, oral deafness, anything that wasn't "sign" and "D-deaf." I have a couple of examples that I'm gonna post in my own blog later today. But clearly, deaf against deaf continues to be a problem, aye.

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