Mt. Kenya Days #2 and 3

We started trekking Mt. Kenya on Day #2.  I was responsible for carrying our box lunch which included chips (fries), sausages, bananas, juice boxes, and boiled eggs.  Our guide took care of our lunch that day by picking up some food from town before we left.  Our cook was responsible for cooking the rest of the meals on the trip.  The meals were HUGE portions (we couldn’t even eat half of the food), filling, and good.

I also got rips/blisters on the back of my heel halfway through the 2nd day.  This is usual for me but I was really hoping it wouldn’t happen on this trip since it gets painful to walk with them (especially up a steep mountain).  By the 4th day I could barely put my shoes on without yelping in pain.  Two of my toenails also managed to turn blue/black by the end of the trip and I lost one toenail as well!

We arrived at our “camp” early on the second day (right before it started to rain) so Dennis and I spent some time playing cards.  It got pretty chilly that night even though we slept in our coats.

On the third day we did a bunch of walking and saw some interesting plants.  There was only one other group (2 women) who slept in the same “camp” as we did the third night (they were trying to hike Mt. Kenya in 3 days and realized they couldn’t do it so they didn’t attempt to make the summit with us the next day).  We went during the “on season” but must have ended up at the very end of the “on season” because it sure seemed like it was the “off season.”

We slept at around 14,000 feet and had a wonderful view of the mountain.  It SNOWED!  I was so excited when it started snowing that I went outside for a few minutes.  I can now say that I’ve seen it snow in Kenya at the equator!

We went to bed early since we had to get up at 2 am the next morning for a lonnggggggggg day of nothing but hiking…..

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