Diani Beach

The following day we went to Diani Beach (beautiful beach) and spent two nights at Silts which was a few minutes from the beach.  It was a nice spot on the beach too, people didn’t bother us that much in terms of trying to sell things.  It was so nice to just hang out at the beach, look at the beautiful water, read, nap, and swim.

Our last day at the beach, we went to an all-inclusive resort for Dennis’ early birthday.  I was able to get resident rate for all-inclusive for both of us which was a great rate.  An average hotel room in America would have cost more than the rate I got for a room and all-inclusive passes (drinks and meals) for two people.  We were able to get some pool time before it started getting cloudy and rained a little bit so it was a bit too cool to swim.  We were fine with just napping by the pool, dangling our feet in the pool, and wandering down to the beach (although people there were trying to sell us things to the point where the hotel security started following us around so that the people would back off…lol).   We also played a couple games of ping-pong and had a nice dinner (bunch of different roasted meat).

We headed back to Nairobi after spending the night at the resort.  Dennis and I hung out in Nairobi for a day and half before he had to catch his flight back to the States.

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