Attempt at Having Cute Toenails and Fingernails #1 = Fail

So a friend posted some awesome pictures of swirly designs on her fingernails.  She also posted a tutorial which I decided to try out.

I ended up making several attempts and failed each time even though I got some cute designs.  I either immersed my toes and fingers into the water too much which resulted in messy clean up which lead to accidentally removing some of the awesome design on my nails.  Or I ended up with oodles of bubbles that ruined the design.

In the end I eventually decided to stick with plain boring solid pink nail polish on my toenails and nothing on my fingernails.

I really want to figure this out so maybe next time I’ll have better pictures!  🙂  Maybe I’ll try it with a different brand of nail polish or figure out a way to get the Vaseline to work better.

The general idea is to put drops of various colors of nail polish in a bowl of water, swirl the design, and put your fingers/toes in the water.  The Vaseline is supposed to prevent the nail polish from sticking to the skin around your nails.  This did NOT work for me at all.  It was a mess to clean up….trust me 😉

Or maybe I just need to have more patience…..

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