Ear Infection

In my last post I mentioned that I have an ear infection.

I’ve had swimmer’s ear on and off for the past month which isn’t unusual for me. They’re generally mild and clear up after a few days.
This time around, it knocked me off my feet.
It started hitting me hard Saturday night while I was assigned photography duty for my cousin’s wedding reception in southern Kansas. I couldn’t even open my mouth wide enough to eat a cupcake and had to cut it up in small pieces to eat with a fork. Let me tell ya, that chocolate cupcake was worth the pain. 🙂
I barely slept at all Saturday night and was in constant pain. After a grand total of about an hour of sleep, I woke up to several wet spots (one nearly as big as my palm) on/near my pillow from drainage (gross, I know).
I finally went to the clinic early afternoon Sunday. Where upon examination, “ouch” was the initial reaction of the nurse practitioner. She kept staring at me like I was bonkers for not going to the ER first. She basically stressed it was bad and that if it didn’t get any better to head straight to the ER. She couldn’t see much because of how swollen my ear drum/ear canal were and how much fluid there was.
I was given some pretty strong painkillers and antibiotics. I spent most of Sunday and Monday in bed with no appetite whatsoever. I actually threw up some of the soup I finally got around to eating Sunday night (again, gross). I did keep down 6 crackers that took me 20 minutes to eat because I couldn’t open my mouth wide enough and it hurt to chew.
My appetite came back Tuesday, yay!
My ear is really clogged and I’m still having a little bit of drainage. Am still having some sharp pains but it’s become more and more spontaneous. I’m supposed to follow up with my PCP Wednesday to see if an additional line of treatment is necessary.

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