Ear Candy and Subtitling Music Videos

The more and more I listen to music the more I love it.

I have no idea what the instruments are and I have no idea what the lyrics are…but yet somehow I love music.

It’s like candy for my ears.

I usually listen to music before I go to bed and it takes me forever to go to bed because I get distracted by the music…and I don’t want to stop listening to it 😉

I have a couple of friends (Seth and Dennis) who are also CI users…they love music. They recently started subtitling music videos through overstream.net and I decided to take a shot at it. Of course I have to look up the lyrics and attempt to lipread the singers on music videos (which is difficult considering you can’t always see their lips). A lot of it is guesswork on my part.

I’ve found that I enjoy this challenge. It forces me to work on my lipreading and auditory skills in a fun way. Of course the timing isn’t perfect just because that’s how subtitling works. I have one music video completed (Great DJ by the Ting Tings) and am working on 2 other videos (Boom Boom Pow and We Walk).

Enjoy! Check every once in a while for new videos.

Mine: http://www.overstream.net/profile.php?username=Kelly09
Dennis: http://www.overstream.net/profile.php?username=getdennis
Seth: http://www.overstream.net/profile.php?username=magus831

4 thoughts on “Ear Candy and Subtitling Music Videos

  1. A friend of mine just pointed me to this free software that adds lyrics into iTunes… and then there's a way to view the lyrics on an iPod too I think after you re-sync the files with iTunes. Unlike some others I've tried, this one actually works. :)http://www.1thdream.com/en/

  2. Hmm I'll have to keep an eye out for a PC program. I really want to figure out a way to upload these subtitled videos to iPod!Do you subtitle music videos also?

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