Phantom Hearing

Whenever I’ve worn hearing aids I’ve always worn two (pre-CI). I actually didn’t benefit much from one hearing aid in one ear…I had to wear hearing aids in both ears to benefit from them. Wearing just one was almost pointless for me. Every few months one hearing aid seemed to break down and I would have to send it in for repairs. Sometimes I wasn’t able to get a loaner and I was stuck with just one aid. I hated wearing just one hearing aid so much that sometimes I wouldn’t wear it at all. The difference between wearing one aid vs two aids was just huge.

There are times where I’m surprised at how much I can “hear” out of one ear with just one CI. I know how much of a difference there is when wearing hearing aids in one ear vs both ears. I can see why some people go bilateral with CIs.

Anyways, I’ve noticed that sometimes I feel like I’m hearing out of both ears. Maybe it’s because my brain is still used to all those years of hearing out of both ears. Has anyone had this? I suspect it’ll go away over time but it is weird. 😉

2 thoughts on “Phantom Hearing

  1. Have you tried your HA with the CI yet? It really makes a diff for me… but I could manage w/o the HA if I had to… but going w/o the CI would just be so sad at this point. LOL! I can’t believe I had to live with one HA for a month after surgery.

  2. I’ve tried my HA with the CI. It’s interesting. I think I wrote a post about it a while back. It’s wild when I hear something with the HA and I don’t hear it with the CI and vice versa. I decided to wait a few more weeks because I just wanted to develop a few more hearing skills with my CI. I’m not quite sure I like the HA + CI combo. I think it’s something I’ll have to work on down the road.I could manage with a HA only but I would choose the CI over the HA. (a month ago, I would have never said that lol).

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