How Do I……Take a Bath?

I meant to do a series of “How Do I” posts (maybe 4 or 5 of them) when I first got to my site last year but I never got around to it….so here I go!

How do I take a bath in my village?

First, I get water from the large water tank right outside of the girls dorm where my house is located. The water tank collects rainwater so I basically bath with rainwater that’s been sitting in the tank for a while.  I bring the water inside to my “washroom” which is just a empty room with a small hole for water to drain outside.


I then boil the water on my kerosene stove that sits on the floor because I never got around to finding a table for my “kitchen” (besides most Kenyans do their cooking on the floor).


After dumping the boiled water into my bath basin, I add some cold water to make sure I don’t burn myself with the hot water. I selected this particular basin color and design because it reminded me of a swimming pool.


Then I splash water using my hands onto myself, soap up, and splash water again to rinse off. I use a cup to pour water into my hair to rinse the shampoo out.

The kids at my school bath with cold rainwater and they bath outside in a semi-enclosed area (no roof). Oftentimes on the weekends, I’ll see the older kids bathing the younger kids out in the field in front of the dorms.  The headmaster and deputy headmaster have a small stall next to a choo (outhouse) that they use to bath in.

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