Two Weeks Down

We’re getting ready to start the 3rd week of the new term yet it feels like we’re still on the first day of school!

Kids are still arriving. Schedule has not been established…heck, for a few days I didn’t even know what time school was supposed to start in the mornings. We’re still switching around who teaches which classes.

Then there was the Major Parties Election on Thursday which ran into Friday and may continue into Monday due to loss/confusion of where the ballots have been placed. There have been reports of protests and chaos in nearby towns but my village has been quiet. I’ve been keeping a low profile the last few days…..

Most schools have been closed due to the elections even though our school is supposedly still open (they hold most elections at schools but not at ours)…most teachers haven’t showed up to teach on those days.

I’ve learned to just go with the flow and to be prepared for anything at anytime when it comes to teaching.

Oh yes, and my Water Charity water tank project is officially completed if you want to check out the site…go here.

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