First Day of School…..Sorta….

We kind of had school today, we kind of didn’t. This is the second week of the term but kids have been slow to arrive. We had assembly this morning with our 30 kids (out of around 90) and all the classrooms were finally unlocked today but not all the tables were in the classrooms. So, Classes 4, 5, and 7 were in one room……and there were only 10 kids total.

Kenya starts their new school year in January so all the kids have moved up a Class (my Class 4 kiddos are now in Class 5).

More kids arrived  this afternoon so I think I’ll be able to teach tomorrow. That is if the schedule gets set up, the schedule hasn’t been finalized.  I was able to grab the textbooks and prepare my lesson plans for tomorrow….woot!

I ended up just hanging out with the kids all morning and part of the afternoon. I bought in a few books that my parents had sent and the kids went crazy over them! They asked a million questions and tried to teach themselves how to draw (a couple of drawing books). Fun time!IMG_20130114_100816 IMG_20130114_092741 IMG_20130114_101048 Sorry about the low quality, I was sneaking pictures on my phone.

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