Term Break-Nairobi National Park

A few weeks ago Dennis came to visit for two weeks.  I hadn’t seen him for 10.5 months which was just too long!  I arrived at the airport a couple of hours early because you just never know with Nairobi traffic and there was no way I was going to miss him coming out of those doors.  I kept hoping the next person to walk out of the doors would be Dennis even though his plane hadn’t even landed!  It was wonderful to finally see his face when he did walk out!

The next day we just hung out and I showed Dennis around Nairobi a bit.

The following day we went to Nairobi National Park which is the only protected area in the world to be so close to a capital city.  You can actually see the Nairobi skyline from the park which is pretty cool.  We went on a two-hour safari which was great.  We saw all different kinds of animals. We even saw a dead zebra and were hoping to see whatever had killed it (we were hoping a lion) but whatever killed it went into hiding for a while so that didn’t work out.

Afterwards we went to the Animal Orphanage where my favorite animal was the Zedonk!

Afterwards, we met up with a few other PCVs who were in Nairobi and had dinner with them.  The next day, we took it really easy and decided to just be lazy since we needed to reserve our energy for our upcoming Mt. Kenya trekking trip!  We just hung out and checked out an Indian restaurant which was delicious.

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