100 Days of Aural Rehab: Week #14 and 100 Days Completed

100 Days DONE

Pre-test Score:  60%

Final Test Score:  74%

I decided to write what I heard before I looked at the available set of closed words for each trial.  Some of them I got exactly right, others I was somewhat close, and the rest I was way off base!  Here are some examples.

What I heard are in parentheses.

1) peanut (at)

2) kick (tick)

3) two (till)

4) deep (bao)

5) K (bee)

6) niece (meash)

7) pie (all)

8) book (tock)

9) tale (tal)

10) dumb (da)

11) chew (feel)

12) soon (ja)

13) rose (wosh)

14) hit (besh)

15) back (back)

16) tart (tack)

17) tease (tease)

18) toast (mast)

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