Picking Maize

Maize is basically corn and it’s a big deal here in my village.

We finished final exams last Thursday and the school didn’t officially close until Wednesday (yesterday).  The kids went to pick maize on Monday and Tuesday so I tagged along.  They showed me how and I had fun chatting with them.

Afterwards, one of the Class 7 girls wanted to cook me some maize.  This basically means they just stick ears of maize directly on coal.  This is also a common roadside items that people try to sell you when you’re on a matatu/bus along with beans, pineapple slices on a stick, and peanuts…..

Maize is also used in a dish called githeri which is what the kids eat for lunch practically everyday with ugali!

I let a Class 4 girl, Class 7 girl, and Class 8 boy take pictures over a period of 2 days.  I think they had fun taking pictures…I ended up with about 350 pictures of them out in the maize fields!  🙂


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