1 Year of Being Bilateral

A year ago today, my 2nd CI was activated and I became bilateral!

I love being bilateral.

The sound quality is much better (richer, fuller, louder) and I can actually tell which side a sound is coming from time to time.  The sound direction is more than what I ever expected to gain from going bilateral.  I didn’t even know people could do that until I was around 15 years old and got a new pair of hearing aids.  Part of my aural rehab was to see if I could tell which side a sound was coming from.

I couldn’t do it…I just couldn’t….so I just assumed it wasn’t possible for me to ever be able to do that.

There are still times when both CIs don’t seem to work together.  One side will either pick up more than the other side or things will sound differently on one side compared to the other side.  Nothing like it was when I tried the CI + HA combo (did NOT like that at all).  It doesn’t bother me, it’s just more of weird/fascinating to see how the brain works in that sense.



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