100 Days of Aural Rehab: Week #13

I started out doing really well on this week’s aural rehab test when I heard the horrible sound of….

….the blue screen of death!

I was only 3 words away from being done and was convinced I was well in the 80% range.

After rebooting I was so annoyed that I almost didn’t retake the test but I decided to  just do it again and get it over with.

There were a couple of times when the girls in the dorms got a bit noisy which threw me off when I had to choose between words like “pool” and “tool” and I couldn’t even hear the first part of the word over the noise.

I managed to squeak by with a 80%.  Now to work on improving with background noise rather than waiting it out most of the time for them to settle down before they get noisy again.  Background noise is a more realistic everyday experience but I do struggle greatly with it.  I have been known to get 45-50% when constant background noise is a factor…..


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