Coloring Fun

I spent the day yesterday cleaning my house, working out, reading, studying (I wanted to refresh my mind on some genetic concepts), doing some aural rehab, cooking, and playing UNO with the girls.

After lunch, I finally settled down at my desk with the netbook to get some work done on a couple of projects I’ve been doing.  Then we lost electricity and the netbook went dead.

On the bright side, it rained!  We’ve had a couple of times where it sprinkled  which doesn’t really count because you can’t get enough water from that to do anything with it.  However, it POURED for the first time in at least a month (maybe a month and half)!

I ran out of things to do…even after playing UNO.  I got bored and a bit antsy.

So, I walked about 15 feet out of my house and grabbed 15-20 girls who were around and bought them back to my room.

We then colored for a couple of hours.  I actually finished a coloring page, image that!  Those of you who know me know that this is a rarity.  I will color but I usually get sidetracked with something else and never finish it!

Ignore my messiness.  I had just spent the day cleaning and working out.

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