100 Days of Aural Rehab-Week #8

Yet another week has gone by!  I was able to take the tests in a quiet setting this week.  I may try to take it in a noisy setting next week just to challenge myself to work harder in a more realistic environment even if it’ll mean that my scores will drop dramatically.

Beginner Closed-Set Test Results

Pre-Test:  60%

Week #8 Test:  73%

I got a 74% on last week’s test and have been consistently in the 70% range for the past few weeks.  Time to push that range up to the 80% range when I’m doing this in a quiet setting.

Intermediate Closed-Set Test Results

Last week I took the intermediate test just for fun and got a 60%.  I was bored this week so I decided to take it again, I got a 75% (how did I manage to do better on this than on the beginner test??).

Advanced Closed-Set Test Results

What can I say?  I was bored and had some free time on my hands….might as well as be somewhat productive.  Last week I got a 51% and this week I got a 56%.

I never did get around to finding out what the spoken sentences are on the intermediate and advanced tests.  Basically, I have no clue what the sentences are or where/when I should start listening for a different word other than the fact that I know it’s the last word in the intermediate level and somewhere in the middle in the advanced level which means I can’t really follow along.  It’s good practice though.  There have been a few times when I actually somehow know the word being said without even looking at the list of 4 possible choices or having to think about it….of course….this only happens about once every 15 words but it’s fun when it happens.

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