We were supposed to have midterms last term but only Classes 7 and 8 (maybe 6 as well) had them.  This term our midterms were supposed to be last week but looks like they’ll be tomorrow (Tuesday), Wednesday, and Thursday.

No, they do not get official grades even though the midterms are “graded.”

Our secretary was out for a while for health reasons and I was asked to help type a bunch of midterms.  I’m glad I’m done with typing those!

Some of our kiddos are confused because to them an exam means they get to go home afterwards.  Many of them have not had midterms before so I found myself trying to explain that midterms were different from finals and that they wouldn’t be going home until August.

I’ll be glad when midterms are over with because not knowing when midterms were going to be made it tricky to know when to review and when to start teaching new materials!

I do not miss taking midterm and final exams!!!  🙂

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