100 Days of Aural Rehab: Week #6

Once again it’s Thursday which means time for my weekly aural rehab test!

I’ve actually been slacking off on aural rehab for the last two weeks and ironically I’m doing better on these tests even though I haven’t even been practicing much with ClixBeginner.  Maybe there is such a thing as trying too hard and over analyzing what I’m hearing!  😉

I need to get back to listening to audio books though because that seems to really help.  It’s nice because I can read as I listen.  It’s also an enjoyable and relaxing way to do aural rehab.  If I lose my place, I just wait until the Kindle automatically turns the page and start over on the next page.

It’s the only form of aural rehab I have ever enjoyed in my whole life….I actually *gasp* look forward to it…and that’s a first for me!

Anyways….the first half of today’s aural rehab test was done in a somewhat quiet setting and the second half there were a couple of girls either crying or whining in the dorms.

Pre-test:  60%

Week #6:  79%

Yay!  😀

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