Aural Rehab Week #4 Test: Mosquitoes, Time Crunch, Yelling Kids, Power, Headache, Chatting

So…yeah I took another dip in my test score but it’s still better than what my pre-test results were.

Pre-Test:  60%

Week #1:  48% (lots of background noises), 68%

Week #2:  62%

Week #3:  64%, 84%

Week #4:  64%, 76%

I was….extremely….distracted tonight.

My first attempt I had mosquitoes trying to eat me up alive, some animal was making noises outside (maybe birds??), then I had the occasional kid yelling.  I had wanted to take the test after the girls went to bed so that it would be quiet but we have been without power for a couple of hours and I needed to get the test done before my netbook died.  I was trying not to feel the rush against how much time I had based on how much battery power I had left while taking the test.

I was doing well until the mosquitoes started driving me bonkers and I couldn’t take it anymore.  My attention was on swatting them away from my legs since I had shorts on from working out earlier.  At least none of them flew up my nose like one did last night.  This resulted in a 64% on the test (stupid plateau).

I then decided to give it another try, but this time with pants on.  It was then that more girls started making more noises from time to time.  It was also when I started chatting/facebooking with people who were on their lunch breaks back in America (multitasking during aural rehab–bad idea).  Then to top it all off the power kept coming on and going off (almost like a strobe show).  I got a 76%.

Oh yeah, I also had a small headache…

I need to figure out how to get over this plateau…..something tells me I shouldn’t accept this to be the best that I can do but I’m also very aware of what is realistic for me in terms of my hearing loss background.

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