100 Days of Aural Rehab Continued……

Aural rehab is such a roller coaster for me….

There are days when I can actually pick out words here and there then there are days when I get the most ridiculously simple thing wrong over and over.

Today was one of those off days, not sure why.

Sometimes I think there are times when I don’t try hard enough.  Then there are times when I try TOO hard to the point that I’m over thinking it and shooting myself in the foot.

*sighs* So hard to find the right balance….

I was just going downhill no matter what I was doing today for a good 30 minutes so I decided to just stop instead of continuing to shoot down my confidence level.  I will start afresh tomorrow with a better mental set.

Tomorrow is my week #4 test, I hope I do somewhat decent and I don’t end back at square 1.  It is what it is.  Sometimes you have to take downs with ups and tomorrow may be one of those downs after such a wonderful up with last week’s test.  I’m still going to aim to do my very best tomorrow!



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