Chapati is a common Kenya food.  It’s also a treat!

I have been stuck in my village for a few days since there haven’t been any vehicles heading to my market town.  I’m out of some food (I miss my apples!!) and some household items.  I decided to experiment with different versions of chapati.

Chapati is basically a flatbread that’s made with cooking oil, a pinch of salt, water, and tons of flour.  Like some other Kenya food, it originates from India…I think…..

Yeah…carbohydrates…needless to say I’m getting a slight chapati belly!  Sometimes I feel like all I eat are carbs!

It’s fun to watch the dough bubble up when you fry it (hey, don’t judge…little things easily become very amusing when you’re in the Peace Corps).

Anyways,  I decided to throw in some basil in the flour mixture.  I wanted to try garlic powder or cinnamon powder but am out of those.  It did spice things up a bit but it’s not something I would make all the time.  Just when I’m in the mood for Italian sort of food since it does sort of remind me (with some imagination) of bread from an Italian restaurant back home.

Then I decided to cut the chapatis into strips (they’re usually circular shaped) after frying them.  1) I was bored and wanted something different 2) I wanted small finger snack food to snack on while reading 3) It was the only way I could get leftovers to fit into my storage containers.

I decided to experiment with different spreads.  I’m out of jam so didn’t get to give that one a try.  I wanted to try Nutella but I don’t have access to that.  I tried peanut butter, it was okay.  I’m not a big fan of peanut butter in general but it is filling.  I do eat it but I don’t like tons of it on food.  I also tried honey, not bad.  I just spread out either honey or peanut butter on the strips and rolled them up.  Decent snack food and it’s filling.

I have plenty of leftovers for quick afternoon snacks in between classes for a few days!

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