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Currently trying to convince myself that attempting parkour would be a very bad idea……a bored Kelly is never a good thing…..

No alarm clock mornings are the BEST!

Started my day with a 6 am muddy run in the rain under a double rainbow….

Nothing like being woken up by two lizards that apparently fell off the wooden beam above your bed and onto your mosquito net which broke their landing but still managed to hit your legs.

Officially done with my first term!!!!!

Three weeks of trying to be patient, three days of asking, one headmaster, one secretary, and one herdsman (who I really hope is on his way)……that’s what it takes to try to get my mail from the school’s P.O. Box which is a grand total of a 5 minute walk from the school….if even that far. Maybe I should check into getting my own personal P.O. Box…..in the meantime am crossing all my digits hoping that I get at least ONE letter!! And I still do not understand why I can’t pick up my packages or mail letters from there……..

Headmaster: “Do you know anyone who might be able to donate some tracksuits?”
Me: “I can’t think of anyone but I can try.”
Headmaster:”Well, where did you go to university at?”
Me: “University of Kansas.”
Headmaster: “Well, then ask their track team to give us their old uniforms….problem solved.”
Me: “…………..”

Had a spontaneous race with my kids this morning….all the 12-20 year old kids beat me and I almost got beat by the 8-11 year old kids….good times filled with laughter and smiles πŸ˜€

70 degree day. I have on a 3/4 sleeve blouse and a skirt…everyone else is wearing sweaters and winter-style clothes…
*Teacher*: “Aren’t you freezing?”
*Me*: “Nope.”
*Teacher*: “Wow, you must be healthy.”
*Students*: Wow, it’s so cold today…..isn’t the cold bad for you?

Oh, gotta love life at the equator…. πŸ™‚ a spontaneous race with my kids this morning….all the 12-20 year old kids beat me and I almost got beat by the 8-11 year old kids….good times filled with laughter and smiles πŸ˜€

This afternoon we went to the nearby primary school (hearing) to use their field for track practice. At one point there were around 100-150 hearing kids surrounding us deafies making us feel a bit claustrophobia and talking about us.Β 
*Several of my kids*: “Why are the hearing kids staring at us and surrounding us? Why do they do that?”
*sighs* Needless to say that bought many memories of being stared down and laughed at in malls, restaurants, and public transportation. It’s eerie how the exact same thing happens regardless of what culture and what country you live in….guess certain things are just human nature. It hurts more to see my kids go through that than it did for me to go through it.

My school is a tad bit disorganized…..no schedule for finals….teachers show up late….teachers nap….but what has taken the cake this term is the fact that none of the staff knows when the last day of classes is which apparently is sometime this week.

6 months and I still try to turn the overhead light on so I can find a flashlight when we lose electricity….I question my thought process at times like these……

Once a Jayhawker, always a Jayhawker…..through good and bad times. Disappointed but still proud of my KU boys!

KU, I love you…..but….pretty please start strong and finish strong. I don’t think my health can take another stressful game in the wee hours……

Can someone teleport me back to the States for the Nation Championship game? I miss cheering on my Jayhawks with my KU buddies in Lawrence (being on Mass street when KU won the Final Four game in 2003 has to be one of my favorite all-time memories). Then again, I can’t take the Internet for granted….it has connected me to the other side of the world and I have to say that the Jayhawk spirit can be felt 8,500 miles away.

No electricity….so happy I made sure the netbook and my phone were charged fully before heading to bed….now to make sure they last throughout the whole game! Am just thrilled the Internet is working!! GO JAYHAWKS…make me proud!!!

Dear alarm, I usually don’t like you waking me up but you BETTER wake me up at 3:30 am….I cannot miss this game.

A fun and non-frustrating type of aural rehab is to put the text-to-speech feature on your kindle to use. The two best things are: it’s easy to find your place if you get lost because the kindle automatically “turns” the page when it’s done with that page and you have the text to follow along with. Be sure to select a book at the appropriate level for your listening ability…..and heck….it’s just another excuse to re-read Harry Potter!

KU game is at 3:30 am. Pretty sure an afternoon nap is in order…that is if I can fall asleep…..it’s like the night before Christmas!

Times like these baffles my mind. I received a Kindle book as a gift that was purchased from London, “sent” from America, and downloaded in 15 minutes and then not even 5 minutes later I lose electricity while trying to use as little lake water (that took 20 minutes to treat) as possible to bath with……. It’s like being in two entirely different decades at the same time.

Beyond excited to pick up my back-up CI batteries this week! Finally, I won’t have to rationalize my batteries. The rechargeable batteries last about a day but I’ve been making them last 3-4 days (only wearing them a few hours a day) because we lose power so often and it’s always when I need to charge them! Will be so happy to have one less thing to worry about.

81 hours until the KU game. Naw, I’m not excited at all…what makes you think that…..okayyyy…maybe I’m just a tad bit excited.

I wrap up the Couch-to-5K plan this week and am looking for a new running plan. I have always struggled with endurance and am a slow long distance runner. I am looking for a running plan that will help me improve my speed without wheezing (silly asthma)…..suggestions?

It wasn’t a dream….we are really in the Final Four!! Way excited!!! πŸ˜€

I set my alarm for 2 am to catch the end of the KU game and…..*squeals* FINAL FOUR!!!! Ok, back to bed…..5 am comes pretty quickly. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK, KU

KU Women, keep this up! Two Elite Eights in one day would be pretty sweet…..

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