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After this experience I will never take water for granted………

ELITE EIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KU, what’s the deal? I have a package of cookies….don’t make me start stress eating….

Harry Potter oil pastels imported from Hong Kong. A pretty random thing to find in rural Kenya….and yes I caved in and bought them to make my inner Harry Potter happy.

You know you live in Kenya when you sit on a bus crammed between people for 2 hours waiting for it to leave the bus platform in 90 degree weather…dripping with sweat….and then one of the few chickens on the bus thinks you’re food and keeps pecking your feet…. πŸ™‚

Both the KU men and women basketball teams made it to the Sweet Sixteen! It’s a great week to be a Jayhawker!

Class 5 boy while drawing with crayons: “You’re the white crayon and I’m the brown crayon.”

My students ask if I’m happy, ask if I have a hat or enough shade to protect myself from the sun, ask if I have enough to eat, make sure I don’t get run over by vehicles, make sure I have enough water, and give me heads up as to what’s going on at the school among the school staff……yeah, my students take good care of me….I just hope that I can take as good care of them as they take of me.

Having a different perspective on things, standing out no matter how much you try to blend in, being left out, not understanding what’s going on, attracting more attention than usual, questioning your confidence, jokes about your accent/speech/signs, not quite fitting in 100%, being labeled, being pigeonholed, and constantly making cultural bloopers describes both being deaf in a hearing world and being an American in a different country. I still can’t get over how much the common frustrations expressed by other expats are exactly what I’ve put up with my whole life as a deaf person. Want to know what it’s like to be deaf? Go and live in a different country…seriously…. πŸ™‚

Even though I’m not a fan of being called ” that mzungu gal,” I have to admit it’s been nice being called something besides “that deaf gal” for once.

Wow, what wonderful news to wake up to…MU and Duke are OUT!! C’mon, Jayhawks…let’s do this!

I never thought I would get this many marriage proposals in a lifetime…..

It never ceases to baffle my mind why it seems like 98% of videos about disabilities, equality, and accessibility aren’t captioned……

How can time go by so quickly and so slowly at the same time?


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