Sweet Sixteen

KU played at 3:40 am my time but I was able to catch the second half when I woke up at 5 am.

I was not happy when I saw that KU was behind.  I was able to check the score via my phone (props to espn.com) as I headed outside to run.  I have been doing the couch-to-5K plan and started week 8 of 9 today.  However,  instead of the 5 minute warm-up walk I stood outside and stared at the stars and moon.  Clear sky….beautiful!  I finally got moving for my 28 minute run before I had to monitor the students’ morning exercises at 6am.

I ran in the dark (some of the lights were on outside the classrooms which helped some) and obsessively checked the score of the KU game every few minutes as I ran.  I was able to finish my run and catch every second of the last minute of the game on my phone in the dark….in Kenya….under the stars…..before I had to supervise morning exercises.

*sighs* KU, I love you but do you really have to make me nervous like that?!    KU was behind the WHOLE game until the last 23 seconds.


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