Site Visit

The Peace Corps APCD (Associate Peace Corps Director) visited my site last week.  Basically, the APCD comes out during your first term to make sure things are going well.  They make sure you’re healthy, safe, and things are going well with the headmaster of your school.

It was nice seeing a familiar face (who also came armed with a package that was sent to Nairobi before I had my new address).  It was awesome finally receiving my Christmas package from my parents!

It was suggested I get a sofa for the sitting room and a table/shelf for the kitchen.  Things I haven’t gotten around to getting and have been making do without.  Getting a sofa hasn’t been worth the hassle of going to my banking town, finding one, getting someone to carry it back to the bus, tying it to the bus (hoping it stays on top of the bus on the dirt road), and having someone help me carry it to my place.  I did finally see someone making a sofa at my market last week so maybe I’ll be able to ask him to make me a table/shelf for the kitchen.

Yeah, my living area is a bit sparse but I have a desk, bed, and 3 chairs….it works….I have plenty of room to workout too!  😉

The headmaster said she thinks I’m doing a great job teaching science and likes that I interact with the kids through running (at 6 am in the dark) and after school sports.  She’s hoping I can help out with KSL and reading skills.

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