Night Runner

Some students got into trouble yesterday because they were playing outside after dark.  Teachers then asked if I had heard of Night Runners.

“Night Runner in Luo is called “Jajuok”. Let me explain what Night Runner is and/or what they do in terms of behavior (s):  these are people who function normally in the society. They have a wife or wives and children and are capable of maintaining a job during the day. Well, things are different for Night Runners at night.  They leave their homes, wife/wives and children and literally run around people’s homes almost all night through.  Night Runners actually run naked-and most of the Night Runners are male.”

“The typical behavior for Night Runners is to kick people’s doors, throw sand through any opening, throw things on the roof, especially iron sheet roofs which makes a  lot of noise. They take pleasure in disturbing people’s sleep.”


“There is great fear of the witch-doctors (bafumo) and wizards (amalose).  These are often referred to as the “night-runners” who prowl in the nude running from one house to another casting spells.”



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