Daily Life

This is one of my lazy posts.  I’m just copying and pasting some of my status updates from Facebook for those who aren’t on Facebook.

I love when half of the class runs up to the board to answer questions when I ask for only one student to come up.

Don’t take education for granted…..

Standing in the back of a crowded bus on a dirt road for an hour is practically a workout. Trying not to fall onto the babies next to me. Being slammed back into the metal pole behind me and trying to cushion the blow. Flying up in the air, head hitting the metal roof, and holding onto the overhead bar for dear life while holding bags.

I like mornings when I can see the moon because I know that 8,500 miles away my much loved friends and families are looking at the very same moon as they head to bed.

What was supposed to be a 10 minute conversation turned into 4 hours of stories, laughter, and playing with the children.

The girls like to borrow my iron to iron their school dresses. It’s amazing how much work, patience, and love they put into ironing their clothes…..

String, sticks, flip-flops, and pamphlets….some of the items I have found in my sitting room. You know you’re at a school for the Deaf when children slide things under the door to get your attention. 🙂

Classes 4 and 5 share a classroom. Class 5 Math teacher couldn’t make it to class today so the students from Class 5 asked if they could join my Math Class 4 lesson. Needless to say I was practically run over by students from both classes every time I asked someone to come up to the board.

Conversation while hanging out with a group of Classes 6-8 students who were joking around while filling pail after pail after pail of water:
Class #7 Boy to girl: You joke too much.
Class #7 Girl: It’s good to joke around because one needs to be happy, right Kelly?
Me: Yes, it’s good to be happy and to laugh.
Class #7 Girl: See! Kelly is my sister!
Class #7 Boy: Impossible, you can’t be sisters. Kelly is a mzungu!
**We all break out into laughter**
Class #7 Girl: Well, I’m still going to have her visit my family at the end of the term because she’s my sister.

‎3 months and I’m still not a fan of ugali with kale. I’m still skeptical about those PCVs who told me that after a year I will love ugali with kale…….we’ll see!! 😉

So I have yet to master the unique deaf Kenyan head nod + raised eyebrows combination.
Class 3 Girl #1: *copies my nod*
Class 3 Girl #2: That’s wrong, you don’t nod like that!
Class 3 Girl #1 to me: “Is it okay to nod like you do?”
Class 3 Girl #2: *laughs* No, we don’t nod like that here in Africa
Class 3 Girl #1: “So…who cares how I nod”
This was actually a really cute conversation…these 2 girls are good friends

One of the teachers (he’s deaf as well) told me that people want to ask if I will marry them but because I’m “quiet”…they don’t know how to ask me. Well…if that’s a perk of being “quiet”…then I’ll take it 😉

Class #1 Girl: You’re deaf, right?
Me: “Yes, I’m deaf”
Class #1 Girl: Are you deaf only in Kenya? Are you a hearing person in America?
Me: “No, I’m deaf in both America and Kenya”
Class #1 Girl: “Really?!?!?”

A few days ago I posted about how I find things in my room that have been slid under my door (this is how the girls try to get my attention). They have now resorted to throwing their flip-flops (there’s a roof but no ceiling, there’s a big opening between the roof and ceiling). I almost got hit in the face with a flip-flop tonight as it came flying into my room and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud…..it’s the little things that make my day.


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