Training: Weeks #3-6

I’m a bit behind on blogging so bear with me!

Training is going well and am learning a lot.  We have lectures, KSL (Kenya Sign Language) lessons, and discussions on a daily basis.

Last week was week #4 of training which was my favorite week of training so far.  We  split up into small groups (2-3 people) and traveled all over Kenya to shadow a current PCV for a week.  More on that in another post.

This coming week is week #5 which means that we’re almost halfway through our training!

Here are some of the lecture topics for weeks #5 and 6 in addition to week #3 topics.

-Options for Deaf Students Post Primary School

-Language Acquisition Timeline

-First Aid and Emergencies

-Review of Schemes of Work and Lesson Planning

-Kenyan History

-Integrate HIV/AIDS and Food Security in the Classroom

-Asking Questions and Behavior Management

-Hidden Deaf Children.  Learning to Sign and Student Expectations

-Translating English Text to KSL

-Classroom Management

-History of KSL

-Maintaing Strong Emotions

-Residual Schools and Deaf Units

-Teaching Methods


-Material Development

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