I had a great time shadowing a current PCV who will complete her 2 year service in December.

Kia, Ethan, and I headed to Danielle’s site last Saturday after playing some games with the local deaf children.  We survived a 12 hour-long matatu ride with the last 2 hours being on an unpaved road (bumpy).  We were thrilled to find that hot rice was waiting for us especially since it was a cool evening.

I had a great time getting to see more of Kenya from the matatu.  Kenya is beautiful and very diverse.  So many different types of plants, trees, and animals.  I saw several Baboons, zebras, and Vervet monkeys.  I also saw a few huts.

We drove through the Great Rift Valley and stopped for a choo break at the top (8,000 feet)…beautiful (the valley not the choo)!!

I had a great time meeting all 200+ students at the school for the deaf.  They were so excited to meet new people.  They were thirsty for love.  They wanted to be hugged.  They wanted you to look at them.  They wanted to hold your hands.  I’ve never seen such huge smiles on children’s faces just because they got to hold someone’s hand.

They were fascinated with how different my skin color was compared to theirs. They also wanted to touch my hair.

Kia is black and they could not believe she was not a Kenyan.  Kenyans are surprised when they find out there are black people in America.

We observed a few classes to see how deaf children are taught.  We also got to visit a nearby private school (hearing).   At the private school, a teacher took the opportunity to educate his students about sign language and deaf people.

Children at both schools are expected to learn the same things.  However, children at the private school were younger and ahead in all subjects.  You have to remember that deaf children oftentimes come to schools late and they may come without a language.

We also cooked a few meals during our stay with Danielle.  We made spaghetti with homemade sauce.  We also had pineapple salsa with chapati.  We also made a 3 layer cake with a jiko oven.

Good times were had.  We had some good discussions and filled Danielle in on what’s new in the States.

I can’t wait to get to my site and start my service!!  😀

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