Volleyball and Gymnastics

Children at the local school for the Deaf are pretty athletic.  They showed off their gymnastics skills the other day.  They were doing handstands and walking down hills on their hands!  A couple of them tried doing several back handsprings on the grass.

They have a what appears to be homemade volleyball net and they have some pretty good volleyball skills.

I have no idea if any of the schools in Kenya have organized sports or not.  I kind of doubt many schools (if any) have organized sports.  Children at this school for the Deaf have the potential to have some great sport teams.

It is refreshing to see children play outside all day long instead of staring at a phone or play video games all day long.  Then again, I wonder if they ever get bored with being outside.  Then again, they’re pretty good at inventing games.

The swing set at the school is broken but yesterday someone bought out a rope and the children were making their own swings from the rope on the swing set and from trees.

Sometimes our breaks from training happens to be at the same time as the children’s break.  It’s pretty fun to get to play with the children.  There is something about just getting up and moving around that makes a person feel much better!

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