The Sun

This may sound kind of dumb but….

The sun feels like it’s much closer here than back in Kansas!  I can barely even look up at the sky when the sun is out.  I’ve been pretty good at remembering to put on sunscreen everyday except for 2 mornings.  I’m still trying to get into a routine of how things work around here.

The two mornings when I forgot to put on sunscreen….I was barely outside (maybe 20 minutes at the most).  Sure enough, my forehead and nose got sunburnt.

You can really feel the intense of the sunshine….that is…when the sun is out.

It actually gets cold here in Kenya and is very rainy!  October is Kenya’s cold and rainy season.  It has rained at least every other day since I’ve been here.  It also sometimes get into the 40s in the evenings/mornings.   When the sun is out, it’s usually in the 70s with a nice little breeze.

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