PCTs and Churches

Many PCTs decided to go to church with their host family last Sunday.  I chose not to but I do hope to eventually go at some point during my training since it would be a good way to learn more about the community.  I also plan on checking out a local Deaf church with the other PCTs.

I chose not to go to church because I frankly already knew what kind of experience I might get.  I have gone to church many times without a sign language interpreter and it’s so hard to follow what is being said in a big place (hard to see to lipread and acoustics isn’t great).

PCTs who went to church last Sunday had a good experience and want to go again.  However, many of their comments bought back a lot of memories of my experiences as the only deaf person at a church.

Some of the comments I got from the other PCTs:

–I got excited when I heard random English words here and there.  I couldn’t understand anything except for that split second.

–I stuttered when they asked me to stand up and introduce myself.  I wasn’t sure if I understood what they wanted me to do.

–I was embarrassed when I was asked to stand up and say my name.  I didn’t know if what I was doing was right because I couldn’t understand them.

It’s kind of nice to know it’s not just me who seem to get shy/awkward/lose self-confidence when I’m in a situation where I can’t understand what is going on….it appears to be a normal reaction.  The only difference is that this is new to my fellow PCTs but this is something I’ve lived with everyday as a deaf person.


2 thoughts on “PCTs and Churches

  1. That’s about the same experience I got most days in any kind of lecture situation – presentations, church, school – so I’m glad that it’s something you can relate to, and hope the rest of your PCTs adjust to!

  2. I will always remember when I was in speech class in junior high when the teacher asked a question and I promptly responded with what I had for breakfast. Everyone laughed really hard. Apparently, “what did you have for breakfast?” was NOT the question. I don’t even remember what the exact question was, but it sure did lipread like word breakfast! I’m loving your observations and nodding my head in agreement! Keep up the blogging!!


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