I hope to share some of my experiences as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Kenya.

I started the Peace Corps application process last year (March 2010) and was accepted in April (2011).  I am excited to leave for Kenya this coming October.

I first heard of the Peace Corps when I was in the 3rd grade and told my parents I wanted to go into the Peace Corps one day.  It was also the year I became fascinated with my yearbook.

I remember my classmates and I trying to sit still during the last few days of 3rd grade.  The excitement of summer break was in the air.  We were also anxiously waiting to get our yearbook so we could run outside at recess time and get each other’s signatures.  When my teacher handed us our yearbooks I was more interested in the cover of the yearbook than the pictures on the inside of it.

I looked at the cover of that yearbook many times and oftentimes thought about it over the years.  I was fascinated by all the different colorful flags and colorful outfits.

I would daydream about the kids in that picture.  I would wonder what life was like for them.  What would they think of how I looked and how I dressed?  I wondered what their daily life was like, did they go to school?  Did they work?  What did their traditional clothes represent?  What did symbols and colors on their flags represent?

That yearbook was the doorway to me realizing how many different cultures there are and how big the world is yet we’re all similar in many ways.

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