Communicating with Other Volunteers

I have read several blogs written by current and previous Peace Corps Volunteers.  Many of them have blogged about learning a new language in a new country.  They almost always mention how it helped to start out their journey with a group made up of other Peace Corps Volunteers during training.

One of my biggest concerns right now is if I will even be able to communicate with my fellow Peace Corps Volunteers as a deaf person in a group of hearing people.  I’m the most nervous about that part because we are going to be each other’s support system as we settle into a new country those first few weeks.  As a deaf person it is easy to get lost in a group full of hearing people.

I do have some communication strategies in mind.  I already have a notebook and a pen all ready to take with me to write with other Peace Corps Volunteers on the flight.  I’m hoping to put both my cochlear implants to use and improve my lip-reading skills with time.

Then again, several of them will be learning KSL (Kenyan Sign Language) and some already know some ASL.  🙂

I’m nervous and excited!  I’m looking forward to meeting new people from all over America!

4 thoughts on “Communicating with Other Volunteers

  1. Bravo, Kelly!
    I always knew that you would do something amazing with your life! I look forward to reading your blog whenever you have the time to write. Bon Voyage

  2. Hi Kelly, I’m a PCV serving in Kenya right now as a science teacher in a hearing secondary school. I am lost without my training group family and am sure you will find your group will open up and be one of the…if not THE greatest support system you have during your two years here. There have been deaf and partially deaf volunteers here before. Josh, an amazing guy and a great friend, from my training group (we arrived Oct 2010) is partially deaf and he might be a great source for you concerning questions you may have about training and service. Your training group will be like your immediate family, and us current volunteers will be your extended family! So…welcome to the family and I hope to run into you in the next few months during your training…and beyond. Good luck packing and safe travels! Let me know if you want to get in touch with Josh and I’ll try and connect you (! See you, Jen Hagen (PS I’m 25, grew up in Maine, last residence: Boston, MA, site in east kenya, one of my PCV “neighbors” just a mere 6 hrs away is deaf edu and I’m excitedly learning KSL and trying to get my hearing kids to her school to do a project with her deaf kids…and all of us here are so excited for your group to come over!)

    • Hello there!

      Thank you for your comment and for putting me into touch with Josh. I’m very excited to head out soon and to meet other PCVs!

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