Another Birthday!

Monday was my birthday which means I’m another year older!

On Saturday Dennis took me out to dinner at an Italian restaurant while some friends got together to throw a  surprise party for me.

I’m impressed that they were all able to pull it off at Margarita’s Restaurant especially after I happened to ask a few friends if they wanted to go there before going to Power & Light District  for the evening.  I was wondering why everyone was giving me odd answers all week and why they seemed like they didn’t want to head to Margarita’s (which is highly unusual).  I also picked up on a few unusual things with Dennis (e.g. him being on the phone more often) but I chalked it up to having out-of-town friends in town.  I didn’t put it all together until afterwards.

Sneaky friends!  🙂

Little did I know that everyone was in on the surprise!  A BIG THANK YOU to Morgan, Dennis, Tanner, Lisa, Sarah M., Mat, Vic, Valerie, Lucy, Margie, Molly, Jessika, Sarah L., Dylan, Tara, Chris, Amir, Joel, Jordan, Devon, Brittany, and Laura!!  It meant a lot to me and it’s something I will never forget.  I was very touched and was speechless…. I had no idea what to do or say at first.  🙂

After wrapping up work on my birthday (Monday) I took Mojo for a walk and enjoyed some time at the neighborhood pool (everyone is back in school so it was wonderful having the pool all to myself).  I also went out to dinner with my Mom, Dad, and Dennis…good times were had!  I got a Kindle and a few other neat birthday gifts.  I also enjoyed all the cards, texts, and Facebook birthday wishes.

Thanks everyone for making this a special birthday!

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