Joplin, Education, Earmolds and Being Self-Conscious

I have started several posts  about certain topics which I always end up deleting because they end up being super duper long and I know readers will get bored!

I did find myself Facebooking about those topics and was only limited to 500 characters instead of the 500-page book I felt like I was writing every time I started blogging.  I know this is a bit redundant to those who are my Facebook friends (my apologizes) but I wanted to cross these items off my to-blog list especially since I always say I’ll post more about these topics at a later date and I never get around to it.


Joplin started school yesterday which is just amazing.  About 14,000 of the town’s 50,000 resident lost their homes in the tornado and half of the schools were damaged (6 will have to be rebuilt and 4 buildings will have to be repaired).  If you do the math, that’s almost 1/3 of the town’s resident.  Here’s my Facebook status….yeah, I’m pretty proud of Joplin.

I know I’ve posted this before but I’m so doggone proud of Joplin. About 54% of Joplin’s 7,700+ students were affected by the tornado. Out of about 18 schools, 10 schools were damaged. Around 92% of students are expected to return this year. Temporary buildings were built in 55 days and the new school year is expected to begin tomorrow as scheduled. Joplin, you’re amazing….you have shown the world the importance of pulling together as a team to achieve a goal and that nothing is impossible.


Oy, I’ve tried to write a post about all the situations that I found myself in as a deaf kid who was mainstreamed but it always turned out to be a long rambling post….one that I’m pretty sure would put people to sleep.

Buses wouldn’t pick me up, schools tried the “out of sight, out of mind” approach, teachers made fun of me, schools wouldn’t give me a class schedule, and teachers would try to kick me out of their class by saying a deaf kid wasn’t capable. For that reason I’m thankful I was able to receive an education and it saddens me to hear so many people view going to school as a chore…….please seize every opportunity you have to learn and don’t take having access to education for granted…..


Just threw away the last hearing aid earmold I’ll ever wear…on one hand it’s a strange feeling to know I’m done with something that was a part of me for 25 years but on the other hand I’m thrilled to be done with dealing with all those annoying hearing aid whistlings and to no longer deal with getting new earmolds 1-2 times a year which never ever seemed to fit right….kind of bittersweet in an odd way…


I have always been self-conscious about wearing hearing aids and CIs because they do draw stares and hurtful comments. I was extremely self-conscious for many years to the point where I wouldn’t wear my hearing aids. I promised myself I wouldn’t worry so much when I got my first CI…after all I want to hear and wear my hair up in a ponytail at the same time! I still have my moments but try to ignore it. I had zero interest at first when I found out a cover was included with my new CI but it kind of grew on me. I think its perfect for a concert….and my CI has been Katy Perrifized for tonight’s Katy Perry concert! 🙂

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