Post-Op Appointment

I took the tape off this morning and took a nice refreshing shower!  Even though I was able to wash about 80% of my hair without getting the tape/incision wet, it felt sooo good to finally wash every single hair strand after a week!

The surgeon said that everything looks great.  He did recommend waiting a few more weeks before I return to all activities.  However, I can go swimming!  Am glad I can get some pool time during this heat wave even though I will probably avoid putting my ears in the water for a few more days.  I’m still having some popping along with achy ear and am prone to swimmer’s ear…..swimmer’s ear is the last thing I need to mess with right now.

He wasn’t too concerned about the ear popping, headaches, and earaches I’ve had on and off all week.  The frequency and pain level has reduced gradually over the last few days.   He wasn’t worried about the numbness on the tip of my ear (I can’t remember if I had that with my first CI or not although there was an area on my lip and tongue that was numb for 1-2 months due to the breathing tube).  My throat is still a little bit sore from the breathing tube but not bad.  Neck and jaws are slightly sore but not to the degree where it prevents me from driving or eating.

The surgeon was also surprised at how much my hair grew in a week.  😉

I would say overall, recovery this time around has been easier than the first time.  I actually lost some weight the first surgery because my jaws were so stiff and sore that I couldn’t eat much.

I would also say that the incision from the first CI surgery healed up a bit nicer than this one but am still pleased with the job that my surgeon did (props to him!).  The incision this time around is closer to the back of the ear than the first one.  There was also minimum blood on the tape when I took it off compared to the first CI.

Am finally done with all the antibiotics and stopped taking painkillers Wednesday afternoon.  So glad to be done with those pills after popping about 50-55 of them in 7 days.

I would say I’m about 80% back to the normal Kelly (which might not be that “normal”  😉 ).

Below is a picture from my first CI surgery (left ear) back in March 2009….this was taken about 8 days after surgery.

Below are a couple of pictures from last week’s surgery (right ear).

11 more days until activation day! Can’t wait!!!

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