Getting Back into the Swing of Things

I wasn’t going to blog because I figure who really wants to know all the deettaiills of recovery which is probably kind of boring.  I also don’t want to sound like I’m whining or complaining.  I’m not at all, I just would have found it helpful if people shared more of their surgery and recovery experiences.  Plus, I tend to forget stuff and it’s nice to go back and refresh my memory.

Today started off really good and then it ended kind of blahh.

I woke up bright and early before my alarm even went off which was such a big difference compared to the past few days.  I didn’t even take a nap at all today!  I made it until 9:30pm without having to take any painkillers.

I went on a short walk, caught up on emails, and worked a bit.  I even drove for the first time since surgery to run a couple of errands.  Tara, Chris, and Dylan wanted to go swimming and I needed to socialize a bit.  I met up with them at the pool for about 45 minutes.  Don’t worry, I didn’t swim.  I just sat in the shade, dangled my feet in the water, and wore a baseball cap to cover up my messy hair.

Other than that, I took it easy and went at a slow pace today.

Around 5:30 pm is when it all started going downhill.  I started feeling miserable, my 3 days headache that I thought was finally gone came back, and I started having sharp shooting pain along with drainage from the ear (NOT supposed to happen). I finally caved in and emailed my audiologist around 7:30pm.  She replied within 5 minutes!  She asked some more questions about the drainage and pain I was feeling.  She then contacted my surgeon and got a reply within half an hour.  How great is that, after hours care?!

Basically, right now…my surgeon thinks that it may be the saline draining (yes, 4-5 day old saline) out of my ear.  When they prepped me for surgery, they used brown betadine solution and some gets in the ear canal so they flush the ear canal with saline after surgery to get it all out.   Btw, I got an answer to my other question….the fact that the tip of my ear is currently numb is normal.

Just gotta keep a close eye on it and contact my audiologist if the pain becomes worse or if the color of the drainage changes.

So far the painkiller has helped a lot and the drainage has reduced.  Am feeling much better now.

Overall, this recovery is going smoothly and much better than the first time around….and I thought the first time went fairly well.

Am looking forward to lunch with Morgan and Gretchen tomorrow.  Then am hoping to make it out to the last sand volleyball game of the season to watch my team play (no worries, I’m not going to play).  It does a person some good to get out and socialize to get their mind off of things.  Other than that, I’ll be working away the day.

Am looking forward to giving these socks to Morgan (inside joke).  😀

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