Essential Item: Shower Cap

If you’re going to have a cochlear implant surgery be sure you invest in a shower cap.  You won’t be able to wash your hair for about a week….

With my first CI I was able to master the art of wearing a shower cap on half of my head while washing the other half.

I sent my audiologist an email asking if the numbness on the tip of my right ear is something I should worry about.  I also asked her if there’s any chance I can wash my hair sometime soon….I like being squeaky clean  🙂

There’s something about shower caps that remind me of synchronized swimmers and those swimmers are pretty doggone impressive!

1 thought on “Essential Item: Shower Cap

  1. I had an op on my mastoid this year, and the side affects of surgery were the same as a CI. I experienced numbness on the tip of my ear, but over time, you will get sensation back in it, as I did, as the nerves start to heal.

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