Two Days Post-Surgery

Today has been a mixture of feeling great and feeling awful.  It didn’t help that I had an headache on and off.

The top right side of my neck is swollen and I have a sensation of fullness in my ear.  Not sure if it’s a bunch of drainage going on…gross, I know.

Dennis rescued me from spending a whole day sitting in the same chair in the living room in front of the TV.  Today went something like this…

Sat on his couch for a bit before heading out to Five Guys Burger and Fries…

Stopped by a nearby doggie daycare to watch the big dogs play outside (we stayed in the car)….

Ate lunch….

Walked around Michael’s…..

Visited Gretchen at her work….

Stopped by the doggie daycare again to watch the small dogs play outside….

Watched TV, hung out with his cats, slept….repeated about 5 times for a few hours…..

Took a 15 minute walk…..

Made dinner…..


Went home.

Just what I needed, a change in scenery!

3 thoughts on “Two Days Post-Surgery

  1. Hi – I’ve just come across your blog. I went bilateral last week & my switch on is in September. I’m excited to find your blog as I fall into the same hearing loss category, deaf from birth and having a hard time making sense of speech. I’m looking forward to following your progress.

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