Bandage is OFF!

Feels so good to finally have the gauze and bandage off, it was on way too tight causing unnecessary extra pain and discomfort.  Due to the position of the bandage the left ear was actually starting to hurt more than the right ear….and the right one is the one that just had surgery.

Here are a few pictures.  You can see the outline of where the bandage was and you can see how flattened the right ear was.  Ignore my just woke-up-messy-hair-no-make-up-just-had-surgery look.  Looks like there was minimum bleeding as well, I had more bleeding with the first CI.  They didn’t shave off much hair either, woot!

I get to wash my hair and take the strips off in a week….

I was able to get some sleep last night even though I woke up every 2 hours.  I am having some moments where I feel light-headed but am chalking that up to the painkiller medicine and not eating enough.  No vertigo or balance issues, yay!!!  Had some scrambled eggs this morning and tried a piece of bacon.  That bacon tasted delicious even though I had to break it into tiny pieces since it hurts a little bit to chew.

Am looking forward to Dennis coming over later tonight to watch a movie.  I even put in a request for Mountain Dew later this afternoon!  A BIG thank you to my parents who stayed with me for 24 hours, cooked me dinner last night, and made me breakfast this morning!

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