Aural Rehab: Highest Score

I am back to doing aural rehab once again.

I’m still doing closed set lists (picking out the correct word out of 4 word sets).  Today, I got the highest score I have ever gotten on the AB program which was 84%.

I generally get around 80-90% on closed set words that have different syllables (the Cochlear computer program) but lately I have been focusing on the Advanced Bionics (AB) computer program because it’s more challenging (e.g. same number of syllables, similar initial sounds, etc).  With the AB program I generally get around 65-75%.  This is in a quiet setting with very clear speech.

I had mixed feelings about it.

At first, I was excited because until today the highest score I had was around 75%.  Then it kind of bothered me that after 2 years I’m still on closed set list and I have yet to get a 90% using the AB program

I had to remind myself that I scored 40% 3 months after I got my CI.  Going from 40% to 84% is pretty good even though it took 2 years.

It’s a slowwww process.  It doesn’t help that my exposure to hearing people is limited since I work from home and I interact mostly with deaf people who sign.

Just one of those moments where I’m not sure if I should be excited or disappointed.  Eh, I think I’m going to find a middle ground and be pleased that I’m continuing to make process even though it’s slow….and cross my fingers that this 84% wasn’t a fluke.  🙂

3 thoughts on “Aural Rehab: Highest Score

  1. I have had CI since 2005 and I have done nothing to improve my word listening skills. You are way ahead of me! I am really impressed with your progress.

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